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Standing Desk Benefits

Desk jobs are still quite the norm in our culture and society today. Many people can find themselves sitting at a desk for hours at a time throughout the week! This provides numerous structural issues with the body, including back and hip problems. Along with structural issues, sitting down too much burns less calories and leads to weight gain. This in return raises the chances of diabetes and heart disease.


Believe it or not, the body was not created to simply sit in a fixed position for hours a day. By putting the body in a dormant state, it also stifles the body’s ability to move freely as time goes on. You may find it harder to do every day things after a while if you have a desk job where you sit all day. Flexibility is extremely hindered as certain muscles like hip flexors are even affected.


With this being the case, standing up at a desk could provide more freedom to move about, even while you are doing your job.


Standing desks are becoming more popular with companies and their employees because keeping employees physically healthy is always good for business. A standing desk, or a desk-stand, allows the worker/employee to stand while doing their job. This provides much more comfort during the work day.


Here are some other notable benefits to a standing desk:

  1. Standing reduces back pain

Studies show that sitting too long can cause back issues which leads to back pain, so by standing, the back pain is reduced.

  1. Increased energy levels

Standing up puts people in more of an alert state that sitting. By standing, people are able to move around a little bit and be more intentional with moving in general.

  1. More productive at work

Standing desks show that people have more energy, less pain, and even better moods, so it is only normal to assume that they would be more productive with their work. Employees who feel good will work good too.

  1. Live longer

This may generalize the health benefits a little more, but studies show that standing may increase lifespan because of the structural and health benefits.


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