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Overcoming “Gym Jitters”

Everyone has been there. That first day you stepped in a gym for the first time. Maybe you have worked out at home for years, and you know the time is now to finally join the gym. Buddies have been going there and been asking you to try it, but you have told them your Bow Flex is good enough. Sadly, you never use your Bow Flex and you come to the realization you will never use it. Heck, you don’t even know if it works anymore because you cannot remember if it takes batteries or not (they don’t).


So, you have decided to sign up to the gym and took the tour. Being in street clothes while walking around provided a sense of comfort because you do not feel like anyone has any expectations of you yet. You are just an outsider checking the place out and everyone seems too focused to pay you any attention.


So, you decide the first day to workout is the following Monday. You have a few days left to live it up and make some extra money selling your Bow Flex. But, instead of living it up, you develop a sense of anxiety and nervousness. You begin to debate if Monday is too soon, almost like calling someone back after a first date. Your buddy calls you to see if you signed up and you have no other option but to tell the truth. In doing that you get more anxiety because you know you have introduced another facet into this new venture; accountability. Your buddy wants to tag along with you to show you the ropes.


You welcome that with open arms.


You see, it is normal to be nervous when you join a gym. It is also normal to be so nervous that it prevents you from taking that big step into becoming a healthier you. People think they have to be in a certain kind of “shape” before they join up in a gym and do the “communal fitness” thing. The fittest person in the gym had a starting point, and it is the people who have the guts to step foot in the gym for the first time that actual inspire the fit people to keep doing what they are doing and serve as a reminder of why they are doing what they are doing.


When you go to the gym, find a buddy to tag along with you. Have fun and do not take it too seriously. Do not put in your mind that everyone is looking at you, because they are not. If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment, ask someone or simply watch someone who looks like they know what they are doing. You will be amazed at the amount of people willing to help, but you can never get that help if you do not ask. Remember, everyone in the gym has a story and a purpose for being there, just like you. It does not matter what mile marker they are on in comparison to you, all that matters is that you know you guys are on the same road.


You got jitters? They are normal, and so is getting over them.


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