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Muscle Mass and Genetics

Genetics play a huge role in our lives and development. Genetics affect our chances of having several common illnesses, like heart disease, asthma and diabetes but so do many other factors, such as diet and lifestyle. It is like betting on a horse race – the horse, rider, course and weather can all affect the outcome in a way that is hard to predict.


Genetics also play a role in the body and how it develops, especially when it comes to building muscle mass. The amount of skeletal muscle mass each person has can vary significantly. Muscle mass can be increased if a person undertakes strength exercise, but genetic factors play an equally important role in determining how much muscle mass a person can have. This may go against what many out there who are genetically “blessed” like to say when it comes to working hard. Yes, hard work does pay off in the end, but genetics cannot be under minded.


When getting an idea of genetic structure and history, one can zero in more on what they need to work harder on as opposed to the other areas that may not need to be focused on so much. Bodybuilding has a way of exploiting strengths and weaknesses, which is good because it provides a target for any individual to aim at for getting bigger and better.


It is easy to go to the gym and just work on what you are good at, but it takes discipline to work on what is a struggle. Take legs for instance. If your legs are small and weak and everyone in your family has small and weak legs, this is your focal point when it comes to training. No body part is fun to train that seems to be lagging, so get it to not lag! If you want bigger legs you have to train hard, harder than others who may just have genetically bigger legs. No one can ever take way your hard work.


Everyone has issues with genetics that have to be dealt with. Some people are predisposed to carrying extra fat, some are lean but have stubborn areas of fat deposition, some have trouble building muscle, and some are muscular but weak in general. Some people have all of this combined.


The truth is no one has perfect genetics. Hard work comes into play for everyone somewhere along the line. Genetics are the truth, but never to be used as an excuse in the gym. Once again, be happy you found weak spots because now you have something to work on!


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