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Keeping Gains While Traveling

So, you have worked your butt off in the gym and staying disciplined in the kitchen. You have packed on solid muscle and stayed pretty lean. You have settled nicely into the routine you have set for yourself and things are starting to payoff. You realize that you will be doing some traveling. It is easy to get excited to get away, but you also know that you will be out of the routine which could lead to the loss of some hard-earned gains.


Now, it would be a headache to start looking up all the gyms that are around you while traveling and figuring out how you are going to meal prep while on the road.




Follow these steps when traveling to keep those gains you worked your butt off for!


  1. Realize it is all about maintaining gains


When traveling, it is hard enough to keep muscle mass. So, do not make your focus on keeping the gains coming, but simply keeping your weight within 5 pounds +/- of where you are when you leave to go travel. Chances are you will lose a little bit, but it does not have to be much. The break from working out as hard could benefit you in the long run anyways and jump start your gains when you get back in the gym.


  1. Supplements are vital


Now, one should never over emphasize supplements when it comes to getting to their goals, but do serve a huge purpose for situations like traveling for the average muscle builder. Keeping protein levels up and amino acids pumping through your body will help out tremendously with keeping gains. 1UP Nutrition has you covered with their awesome protein shakes, BCAAs, and new 1UP Protein Bars.


  1. Keep the blood flow going


Finding time to hit the gym could be an issue, and even if you do workout time could be limited. So instead of wasting time trying to find a gym and figure up an effective workout, “use what the good Lord gave you” – your body. Just get the muscles warm and working for about 20-30 minutes a day. Think full body approach. So, when you wake up in the am, get right down and get some push ups knocked out, along with air squats, crunches, and even handstand push-ups if you are capable.  A good routine would be 3-4 straight sets of 10-20 each exercise.


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