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Importance of Sleep and Muscle Gains

Sleep is not that easy to come by. Maybe you find yourself as one of those individuals that have a hard time sleeping because of time strain or just getting your mind to calm down from a busy day. If you are a gym goer looking to build muscle, lack of sleep can be a hinderance.


When you eat food, our bodies utilize that food for function, and based on our current health status, the sufficiency of that use will vary. As you perform any kind of activity level, more of the food’s nutrients are used up for energy purposes. When we sleep, energy consumption is lowered which means any food with nutritional value is utilized more efficiently to build proper muscle. If we over eat or eat unhealthy foods and lack in activity, the balance is thrown off and fat can easily start to be stored.


During sleep, growth hormone is naturally released improving muscular recovery. This is imperative for growth of new muscle of course, but one has to not only be asleep but get enough sleep for the body to fully take advantage of the growth hormones being released. A rested body equals a properly functioning brain, which of course signals the release of growth hormones and any body functions while we sleep.


1UP Nutrition offers products to help you accomplish sleep in the best ways possible. If you find it hard to fall asleep or since you have limited time and need to get in that deep REM sleep, 1UP Nutrition has you covered. With products like Beauty Dream PM Burner for women and Recharge PM Burner for men, you will be getting some good sleep in no time. With natural, full transparent formulations, these sleep aids help with falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up feeling refreshed with no drowsiness. On top of that, both products help promote fat loss while you sleep! So not only is your body being put in a stage to help promote muscle building, but it is also being assisted in the fat loss process as well.


Sleep is important, very important. Lack of sleep not only hinders muscles building, but also promotes poor cognitive function, bad mood, and even illnesses. So, sleep plays a vital role in many arenas of life, make sure you are getting enough and getting GOOD sleep! Your mind and body will thank you. 


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