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How To Stay Motivated?

There is always a euphoric time in everything new inviting event in life. If it be getting into a relationship with someone or moving away from home, “honey moon” phases are a norm. The same goes for fitness and working out. When your mind has been made up that this is the year you are going to get in great shape and completely flip your life around, you feel like you can conquer the world!


If it be a few weeks or months into it, that “honey moon” phase starts to lose some of its sparkle. You have convinced yourself that you should be seeing more results than you are based on the work you have been putting in (which is ironic itself because you have never worked out before so how do you know what to expect) or maybe the meal plan you have been following has just run its course. Whatever the reason may be, your motivational levels are dropping by the day.


Here are some effective ways to keep yourself motivated inside and outside the gym:

  1. Journal

This is a big one, especially for people who have never worked out before. This is not logging workouts, but simply logging your life! Being able to visually look back and see where your life was at in the beginning of getting in shape can be a huge driver to keep going. You will notice maybe how your mood changed when you began working out and you can feed off of the optimism and motivation even today!

  1. Get a Workout Buddy

It is easy to boast about the “lone wolf” approach to fitness, but for many, motivation goes to die with those who are in solitude. On days where you are not feeling like working out, you may just need a slap in the butt by someone who is n this journey with you. Getting through those rough days are vital, having a buddy along side you makes it a little easier as well.

  1. Play Your Own Music

This may seem like a “not worth mentioning” tip, but it helps. Many times, people go into the gym and workout and just let the house music simply serve as background noise. Convincing themselves they are “super focused” with whatever is being played, they would be surprised how all the noise going on around them is actually hindering their focus. By listening to your own music, you not only are hearing what gets you geeked, but you are also blocking out all the noise around you to be as focused as possible on your training.

  1. Mix Things Up

The word “training” signifies you are working for something. What is that “something” for you? Mixing things up and doing different training approaches throughout your journey will help keep things fresh and new. Maybe for 8 weeks you do a push/pull routine, then you go into more of a 4 or 5 day split routine, followed by something more strength based for 5 weeks, and so on.


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