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How Much Water to Drink?

Fitness has many important and valuable elements and components. Focusing on specific diets, training programs, and even sports nutrition products can be easy when it comes to the importance of hitting fitness goals. Maybe the most important element in the fitness and bodybuilding world (possibly life in general) is water.


Water has an abundant presence in the body and water is also critical to survival. The muscles in the body are composed of roughly 60-70 percent water, so that alone should tell you how important it is to consume water on a regular basis.


Water also plays a huge role in numerous everyday functions in the body, such as digestion, muscle function, and metabolism to name a few. Water is also essential for any individual looking at losing weight because water acts as its own diuretic, pushing water out of the body as it is consumed throughout the day. This leads to a loss of water weight, on top of helping the metabolism function at a high efficiency which will help with overall weight loss or even proper weight maintenance.


So how much water should one drink a day? There are many guidelines to follow, especially when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding. In general, it is recommended that a person drinks at the very least an ounce of water per body pound. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should try to consume 150 ounces of water daily. This however is simply a benchmark and when looking at a person looking to build muscle and lose weight more water might be recommended.


When a person is active, such as an athlete, higher amounts of water are needed to help replenish the loss of fluids that takes place through sweating. Being dehydrated, even in the slightest, can hinder strength and performance significantly. A good way to test to see if you are properly hydrated in by looking at your urine. If it is clear for the most part with a slight yellowish tint, chances are you are getting enough water. If your urine is dark colored and even has a strong odor, chances are you need more H2O.


For many athletes, a good benchmark for anyone to start is ¾ to a full gallon daily. Starting the day off with as much as a half a liter is a great way to kickstart the body as well. Carrying a water bottle around too can help as a reminder that you need to drink it. Water is also great for nutrient transport to the muscles, which is vital for recovery and rebuilding.


So, make water your new best friend, especially if you are an athlete of any sort.


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