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Cognitive Health

The brain is the central processing unit of the body. It is responsible for so many functions in the body that are not only mental, but physical. The brain as we age can show signs of debilitation and regression. This process is natural but can also be more severe in certain people than others. Studies are showing that the foods we eat, and even certain medications can influence and expedite the process of the brain aging. The overall health of the brain is referred to as cognitive health.


Cognitive health has become more and more in the forefront today of concern and care for people. Maybe you live a fast-paced life where your mind is always going. Like the body, the brain can get worn out and show signs of being broken down. Other things that effect cognitive health other than diet and medication is drug use, stress, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise.


Maintaining cognitive health is important. Taking steps to maintain or improve cognitive health while aging is important and knowing more about what influences the brain and cognition will also help. Aside from diseases of the brain that impact cognitive health, as stated levels of mental ability gradually change with age. There are steps though to help improve cognitive health:


  • Exercise
  • Read
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Solve all types of puzzles
  • Play board games and card games
  • Visit museums, zoos, and historical sites
  • Become a student again
  • Healthy Diet


Out of all the things on the list, maybe the most effective in studies has been exercise. Scientists have decoded how physical activity affects the brain. Studies that have been published in the last decade has shown that exercise directly improves the flow of blood in the brain and enhances the functionality of various neurotransmitters involved in cognitive processes.


Cognitive health is as important as physical health, and the two work interchangeably. By proving yourself with a health functioning body, you are only helping your mind, and vice versa. So make sure your time and energy is divided up into cognitive and physical health, especially as you age.


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