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Blood Sugar/Glucose and Muscle Gain

Diabetes is a very big issue in our culture today. With people now of all ages suffering from imbalanced sugar levels, it has truly become an epidemic and call to act for people to get healthy and start eating right and being more active. People eat worse than they ever have and are more inactive than ever as well.


To expound on the importance of sugar levels being properly balanced, this serves true in the bodybuilding culture as well. Working out and lifting weights is a complete breakdown to the body, but it is in that breakdown that gives way to more strength, fat loss, and muscle gain. It is in that break down that people should realize how important the rebuilding process truly is.


Sugar/glucose levels are a main player in this.


Once a person is done lifting, the muscles are exhausted and tired. One might feel great because of endorphins and such, but structurally the body is weakened. Glucose (sugar) levels are down during this catabolic stage because the muscles used the glucose during the workout.  By upping the glucose levels (eating carb or drinking 1UP Tri-Carb) and getting the insulin to jump back up the body will be prompted to go into protein synthesis (the stage where the body starts building). This is aided of course with protein consumption and BCAAS (1UP Nutrition is the place to go for both of those). When insulin rises, nutritional uptake increases as well so the muscles get fed more effectively of the things they need to grow.


Blood sugar levels are vital to everyday life. If you are a bodybuilder or just love working out, blood sugar levels are the gateway to the height of potential your body has to recover and rebuild effectively. Issues that can arise if you do not get your blood sugar levels back to a proper state after working out can be severe. Feelings of passing out or just sheer exhaustion are usually the norm. Other issues could be being prone to injury, muscle cramps, inability to sleep (even though you feel tired), and more. Also, a huge issue with lack of proper post workout nutrition is muscle waste. Your body will go to the muscles for whatever glucose it can get therefore causing the muscle to continue to catabolize and eat itself. Body fat will not change too much because the body will want to hold onto it for survival.


So, make sure after working out that you get a glass of Tri-Carb to get your sugar levels back where they need to be so the body can do what it needs to do to recover and rebuild.


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