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Are You Resting Too Much?

Rest days are kind of a “love/hate” thing for many fitness folks. Some look forward to the day where they can sleep in or do something else that does not involve sweating and being in a sense of pain, while others see resting as a hinderance, a wall between them and their goals.


Fact of the matter is rest days are healthy and needed. But, are you resting too much?


Some might read that question and ask, “Is there such a thing?” while others read it and say, “Please let that be me!” Rest days are very relative to the individual and their fitness routine, goals, and even needs. Here are 3 common ways to help determine if you have too many “Sundays” in your week:


  1. You Can Never Stay in a Routine


This one is tricky so read carefully. If you go to the gym 2 or 3 days one week, then the next week go 1 or 2 days, and then it becomes a couple days a month, chances are you have not given yourself a chance to work into a routine. Going more days than you do not will help expedite that process possibly. It is not about beating yourself up when you are there, just make a point to go more often.


  1. No Gains or Progress


Now this can go both ways regarding needing a break as well, but this is talking about taking too many breaks. The body needs a challenge to change. If you are getting a great workout in once or twice a week but do not see any change really, chances are you need to chill out on resting and be in the gym more. Nothing is more discouraging than thinking you are doing a lot when you are not even doing good enough when it comes to your goals.


  1. Always Sore After Working Out


Once again, this needs to be read carefully. Being sore is a good gauge on a great workout, but if you are sore like you were when you first worked out - a year ago, then chances are your body is not getting put through a big enough “ringer” to adapt to the pain. As stated, pain is not uncommon, even for the most fit person, but they have worked out enough to tell what is welcomed discomfort and what is unnecessary “I broke my everything” kind of pain.


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