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5 Weight-Loss Tips When Your Schedule Is Out of Whack

Losing weight is a common goal for millions of individuals around the world. While simple enough in theory -- expend more energy than you consume consistently -- the truth is that weight loss is one of the most difficult goals for an individual to not only start but maintain.


Lack of support, poor sleep, holiday travel, and a whole host of other factors can disrupt your weight loss routine and dampen motivation to continue on with your transformation challenge.


Here are 5 weight-loss tips to try when your schedule is out of whack.


#1 Have a Plan


This might seem like a strange tip to lead off this list. After all, when your schedule gets out of whack, your typical plans are interrupted.


What we’re talking about is having a plan for what to do when you can’t stick to your normal routine, aka a backup plan.


For instance, say that you have to stay late at work, and won’t be able to cook dinner. In this scenario (end of the workday, late in the evening, tired, stressed, etc.), many of us will opt to hit the drive thru, which isn’t exactly the healthiest option.


But, if you understand that having to stay late at work is a very real possibility for most working adults, you can have a plan for what to do.


Ideally, you’ll have done some meal prep over the weekend (or some other time that’s convenient for you) so that you can go home, grab a meal out of the freezer, heat it up, and eat!


Another option is to have a list of healthy restaurants as well as a dish or two in mind. This eliminates the added stress of having to figure out where to go or what to eat, making it more likely you’ll stay on track with your nutrition plan.


#2 Prioritize Protein


Protein is fantastic. It helps build muscle, boost metabolism, and fill us up.


By keeping a focus on protein, even when you’re frazzled, you’ll stay on track with your fitness goals. To ensure that you’re hitting your protein requirement everyday (1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is a good rule of thumb), it’s helpful to use the 1UP Fitness App, which allows you to quickly and easily track your nutrition for the day (as well as your workouts!).


Some of our favorite protein sources are:

  • Lean beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Eggs
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Lentils
  • Beans


Protein powder is also a great option to have on hand when you’re pressed for time and need a nutritious and filling snack.


#3 Keep Moving


When things get chaotic, exercise is one of the first things people let go by the wayside. While you may not have time for your typical 60-90 minutes gym routine, it’s essential that you stay active.


Exercise, even something as seemingly insignificant as a 10-minute walk, can have a number of important weight-loss benefits, including:


Also keep in mind that any sort of physical activity or workout is better than not working out at all. So, if you can’t do your full 60-minute total body workout, then try and get in at least a few rounds of bodyweight circuits. This way you’re still staying on track with your workout plan and working towards your weight-loss goals.


#4 Reach Out


Getting lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life can make it difficult to stay excited and motivated about your weight loss goals. Sometimes, it seems like it’s yet another thing you “have” to do.


But, if you’re really serious about getting the results you want, you’ve got to keep on pushing, even when things get tough.


Now, you’re not expected to do this alone. Having a support network filled with family, friends, co-workers and other like-minded individuals can help you stay on track even when things get chaotic.


When you join the 1UP Transformation Challenge, you get access to our private group filled with coaches and other motivated individuals that can help encourage, support, and problem-solve.


#5 Focus on Whole Foods


To further amp up the nutrition of your protein-focused meals, it’s beneficial to include whole foods -- fruits, veggies, and whole grains. The types of foods are higher in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals compared to their ultra-processed counterparts.


Keeping your fridge stocked with pre-cut salad mixes, fruits and veggies make eating healthy much easier on those occasions when you’re stressed and short on time.




Having a plan is critical to weight-loss success; however, life happens and when it does, you’ve got to be ready with a backup plan (or two or three). Use the tips above to help stay on track with your transformation challenge and get the weight-loss results you want!


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