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5 Reasons to Lift Weights

Working out is so good for the body. When one thinks of working out, cardio and resistance training usually is what comes into mind. Cardio is usually under emphasized with the masses, and then the select few that actually enjoy cardio usually JUST do cardio.


Balance between the two is key.


When it comes to resistance training, or more specifically lifting weights, everyone should be doing it. Lifting weights is awesome for muscle building, strength building, and even losing fat and helping out joints. Of course, caution should always be taken in knowing what you are doing and what your limits are.  Here are some good reasons why you should be lifting weights:


  • Functional training properties

Weights training open the window for many different training approaches. Free weights and their demand on the body have a high relation and resemblance to what is done in every-day life and even athletics.


  • Works muscles you didn’t know you had

From a physiological stand point, this point is the greatest. Weight training engage and activate synergistic muscles that work in stabilizing the bigger muscles being targeted. This leads to more overall strength and can also help with making joints stronger if done correctly.


  • Promotes fat loss

Weight training is awesome for burning fat because it increases lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass one has, the more potential their body has of burning fat. This does not underplay the importance of cardio, but it does help with overall body composition.


  • You look and feel better

This is more of a superficial perk, but one worth mentioning. Lifting weights helps firm up areas of the body that may have started to drop and soften with age and time. It is not about looking like a chiseled statue or Rome but looking better does lead to feeling better.


  • More strength

This is a slippery one. More muscle does not always imply more strength, but if you are a person who lacks muscle mass, your strength will be hindered. So, by adding some more muscle to a body that lacks it, expect more strength.


So, if you have found yourself avoiding the weights, don’t. And if you have found yourself staying away from the weights, come back. A huge misconception is “losing fat first before you build muscle”. Let that horrible notion and idea go. By building new muscle as stated, you burn more fat, along with other attributes.


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