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5 Hacks to Get Through Tough Workouts

Few feelings in life offer similar feelings of pleasure, gratification, and empowerment than completing a PR-shattering workout. On the other end of the spectrum, we all have those days when it feels like drinking a pre workout is mandatory even to simply have the motivation to drive to the gym.


Now, it could be that nutrition, sleep, stress-levels, and other assorted lifestyle factors are impacting your mental and physical energy levels/performance. If that’s the case, then prioritize those beyond looking for quick-fixes or “hacks.” However, if the rest of your proverbial house is “in order,” here are a few easy tricks you can use, starting today, to boost motivation, improve results, and get through tough workouts.


#1 Set a Finish Line (Stopping Point)


“The mind is willing but the body is weak.”


This old adage has been around a long time, and it stands the test of time.


Your body may feel weak, sluggish, and on the verge giving up when you’re in the middle of a tough workout, but if you can push past the burning in your muscles, and conjure up some supreme mental fortitude, you’ll realize your body can go a lot further and harder than you realize.


Put into practice, this means setting a defined goal and accomplishing that goal, no matter what.


Tell yourself (out loud, preferably):


  • “I can do anything for 30 seconds!”
  • “I only need to do 5 more reps.”
  • “There’s only one set left.”


Giving yourself these types of directives provides encouragement and reinforcement to keep going, while also letting you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel -- both of which can help you to push hard and finish strong.


#2 Don’t Think, Just Do


There are times that command supreme focus during training (e.g. attempting a new deadlift or squat PR); however, there are other times when just showing up and “putting in the work” is equally beneficial.


Does it make the workout any less demanding? Does it hinder your path to progress and achieving results?




Simply showing up and doing the work, even if it's the same number of sets, reps, and weights used last week, is always better than nothing.


#3 Focus on Your Post Workout Meal


We’re all wired a bit differently. This extends to our motivations for working out as well as our goals. Some are motivated by looking good in a swimsuit, while others are focused on long-term health and longevity. Still others are motivated to train hard each week so that they can enjoy a certain way of eating (i.e. consuming more calories each day).


If food is what motivates you to show up consistently for your workouts and push harder, then embrace it! A favorite post-workout meal of ours is a smoothie made using a scoop of 1UP whey protein (or vegan protein powder), milk, frozen fruit, and a scoop or two of Tri-Carb. This supplies everything needed to stop muscle breakdown, support muscle recovery, and replenish energy levels.


#4 Crank Up the Music


How many times have you heard a song and just started humming, toe-tapping, or grooving (either in private or in public)?


The reason is quite simple -- music is the language of movement.


We all have our favorite workout songs, training anthems and playlists, but it may help to make a special playlist containing only your most motivational/inspirational songs. On those days when you’re struggling to simply put on your workout clothes, grab your headphones and dial up your reserved playlist.


Speaking from experience, it works!


#5 Mix Up a Serving Pre Workout


Pre workouts were created to help individuals have more energy, excitement, motivation, and stamina. As such, if you’re struggling to make it through a workout or even feel motivated to train on a given day, then mixing up a serving of 1UP Pre Men or 1UP Pre Women can provide additional “encouragement” to help you feel energized, tackle your workouts, and get the results you want!


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