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5 benefits of joining an online fitness community

Training alone is the way many individuals choose to exercise, including the likes of high-level athletes like rowers, golfers, fighters, and even professional bodybuilders and physique competitors.


But, not everyone enjoys training in solitude. In fact, the mere thought of having to slog out a workout on your own can be downright de-motivating for many individuals, which can ultimately hamper their ability to get results.


Make no mistake, you can get exceptional results training on your own. In fact, many individuals who have entered our Transformation Challenges over the years, train by themselves and have achieved incredible physique transformations.


But, some individuals not only benefit from getting support from others during their workouts and fitness journeys. Not only does having support actually aid compliance (“showing up”) with diet and exercise programs, but it can actually help individuals to train harder and last longer in the gym, which yields superior results.


Traditional “support” in the gym came in the form of a training partner, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, support in and out of the gym can now come in the form of online fitness communities, such as our Private Facebook Group which you can gain access to when you sign up for a transformation challenge through the 1UP Fitness App.


If you’re hesitant about the effectiveness or benefit of these online communities, here are 5 benefits of joining an online fitness community.


#1 Support


This benefit is pretty obvious, but it must be mentioned because the potential upside is rather tremendous for a considerable portion of fitness enthusiasts.


We all have those days when things don’t exactly go according to plan. Having the support of a fitness community can give you the boost (“reinforcement”) you need to show up to the gym and crush your workout. Members in the fitness community can also help you identify and address some of the reasons why you may be struggling, which you may not be aware of.


#2 Accountability


Building off of the previous point, a fitness community, like our exclusive Facebook Group, can help you stick to your diet and exercise program. When you know that you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals working towards a common goal, you’re inherently more motivated to show up and get the job done, in the gym, in the kitchen, and all other aspects of your life.


#3 Knowledge


No matter how smart you are or how much you may have learned, there are always individuals out there who know more or have more experience. It's just the facts of life.


Online fitness communities can be a Junto for those seeking to improve not only their fitness but many other aspects of life through the sharing and discussion of ideas. When interacting with others, you’ll be exposed to new ways to train, new recipes, and even new lifestyle habits that you can experiment with and see if they help you get better results.


#4 MORE Intensity


It’s no secret that training with others pushes us to go farther -- more weight, more reps, etc.


Boiling things down to brass tacks, none of us want to look weak or be the first one to quit. As such, training with others in-person or online can help you push harder than you would on your own. This ultimately helps you burn more calories, build more muscle & strength, and get better results during your transformation challenge.


#5 Boost Confidence


Anytime you exercise, whether on your own or with others, you build muscle, lose fat, and improve your fitness -- all of which helps build self-confidence.


Being a part of a fitness community further boosts confidence as you’re able to see others pursue and achieve their goals, which pays dividends for your own fitness journey as you now have seen others attain greatness and know you can too!




There is no shortage of options available for fitness communities, both in person (e.g. group fitness classes) or online.


We would encourage you to join our Private Facebook Group, which is freely available to you when you sign up for the 1UP Fitness App and start your transformation.


There you will find a community full of positive, like-minded individuals that lift you up (instead of bringing you down like so many other social media outlets). We’re happy to help and the group members will foster a sense of healthy competition that both excites and motivates you to push harder in all avenues of life, not just the gym!


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