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5 Annoying/Bad Fitness Trends

Fitness is no stranger to the strange and bad when it comes to trends. Trends in fitness are like trends anywhere else; they come and go (it is sure nice when they go too). So when thinking about all the annoying and bad fitness trends going on today, 1UP Nutrition will present you with five to think about (yes just five, even though there are much more).


  1. Attire Over Desire


This is to pick on those people who are more concerned about what they look like as opposed to what they are doing. Now this is not saying you cannot look good and train hard, but you know the people who seem to just put more emphasis on color coordination and even makeup as opposed to putting in work. The gym should be a place of destruction and construction. When was the last time you saw a pretty and clean construction site?


  1. Over Analyzing and Over Quantification


Listen, fitness and bodybuilding are not easy. It takes a lot of knowing which means a lot of learning. But there is a trend these days where gym users are spending more time crunching numbers when it comes to macros and reps than they are working out hard. There is a simplicity to fitness and bodybuilding as well. Back in the golden era before everyone turned into “experts” and gurus in fitness, guys just learned their bodies and worked out hard. They weren’t timing themselves in between sets or focusing on certain rep ranges, they just lifted with good form and intense.


  1. Bro-Lifting


This might sting a little for many of you. Bro-lifting is just senseless lifting. There is no method or game plan, just grab a dumbbell or get on a machine and focus on getting a pump in some body part that is not the legs. Oh, and you have to make sure you are wearing sleeveless shirts or a tank top. This form of lifting is broken up into 50% actual lifting and 50% watching to see who is watching you lift.


  1. Pre-Pump Workout


This kind of fits into bro-lifting but not everyone who bro-lifts does this and many people who do not bro-lift do actually do this. This is when a person comes into the weight room and notices there is a lot of people. They are wearing a hoodie or jacket and instead of warming up and stretching, they go to the dumbbell rack and start doing arm curls or some other kind of movement to get a “pump” before they take off their respected jacket. This is to give the appearance of a bigger build. This is most common on leg day.


  1. Lack of Leg Training on Leg Day


You may notice that bicep curls are the most popular exercise for some on leg day. It is hard for many people to focus strictly on legs during leg day, so they begin to incorporate an upper body movement into the workout, you know, so they don’t get smaller. Leg press machines are used the most, and usually overloaded and the weights are never put back. This is then followed by a set or two of squats (or something that resembles a squat), nine sets of leg extensions where it is code to scream as loud as possible, and then push-ups because that is always important to do on leg day as well.

Remember, this is only 5 annoying and bad trends. There are many, many more.


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