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10 Healthy Date Night Ideas That Support Weight Loss

Date night -- a time of the week when you get to share some fun, relaxation, and intimacy with that special someone in your life.


Typically, date nights are drought with high calorie fare -- luxurious entrees, decadent desserts, and luscious beverages.


While they’re certainly delicious, conventional date night food and beverage isn’t the most figure friendly, making it a challenge to stick to your transformation challenge goals while also giving due attention to your significant other.


Fear not!


We’ve got a list of 10 healthy date night ideas that support weight loss and still allow you to have a blast with your partner!


10 Healthy Date Night Ideas for Weight Loss


#1 Take a Cooking Class


Date nights almost always include a meal.


But, what if instead of going out to eat and paying the price twice (with your wallet and with your waistline), you took an active role in the preparation of your food with your partner?


Cooking classes (both in person and online) offer a fun and educational date night activity that allows you to enjoy delicious food while at the same time expanding your culinary skills. Since you are preparing your own food, you know exactly what goes into it, which helps you better gauge how many calories you’re consuming.


When you go out to eat, you really have no idea how much extra oil, butter, or sugar they add to your food.


Cooking classes can also give you ideas to create health, balance, and low-calorie meals the next time meal prep comes calling.


#2 Spend Time in the Great Outdoors


Traditional date nights involve spending lots of time doing indoor activities -- restaurants, movies, nightclubs, etc.


Instead of staying cooped up all the time, why not make a date day instead of a date night, by doing things like hiking, trail running, or simply having a picnic in the park.


If you’re going to be engaging in a more “physical” date (get your minds out of the gutter...we’re talking about hiking, biking, etc.), make sure to stay properly hydrated by drinking water and/or a serving of 1UP His or Her EAA/BCAA, which contains valuable electrolyte as well as essential amino acids to support hydration and stamina.


It may also be helpful to pack some snacks for your trek as well. Good options for that include things like trail mix made with fruits and nuts, nut butter sandwiches, or protein bars.


#3 Go Dancing


Don’t be shy, guys (or girls).


Taking a dance class with your significant other is a romantic and intimate way to spend an evening ...it’s also a phenomenal way to burn calories and have fun at the same time.


If traditional ballroom dancing isn’t your thing, feel free to get jiggy with it at your favorite nightclub.


In fact, dancing for just one hour can help you burn up to 500 calories, all while toning your core, glutes and thighs!


#4 Try Couples Yoga


Looking for a way to strengthen your relationship, relieve tension, and/or grow closer to your partner?


Why not give couples yoga a try.


Did you know that the word “yoga” means “union?”


Not only will couples yoga bring you closer together (both in a physical and emotional sense), you’ll also improve balance, coordination, and trust.


#5 Throw Axes


No...not at each other.


Axe throwing has become one of the hottest activities across the world, especially at sports bars.


Sure, throwing darts, going bowling, or shooting pool is fun, but axe throwing brings a whole new dimension of fun and excitement. It’s also more physically demanding than throwing darts or going bowling, which means you’ll burn more calories and build muscle (especially in your shoulders) all while having fun and learning a new skill!


#6 Rock Climbing


This might be a bit too ambitious for some of you reading this, but don’t knock rock climbing (indoors or out) until you try it.


You also don’t have to go all Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger either.


Due to the rise in popularity of the sport, rock climbing gyms have sprung up all over the place.


It’s fun, challenging, and accessible for all skill levels, making it a great way to burn calories and build muscle from head to toe!


If you’re new to rock climbing, you can take a class with your partner, and when you spot your partner as they climb the rock wall, you’ll build trust and burn calories at the same time.


#7 Explore Local Markets


Instead of spending your date night (and weekly paycheck) on an overpriced dinner, why not take your date to a local farmer’s market and pick some healthy, locally-sourced food to prepare together?


Sure, shopping for food and cooking your own dinner is more “active” than sitting at a restaurant and being waited on hand and foot, but you’ll also be engaging more with your significant other as the two of you decide what foods you’d like to try and how you want to prepare them.


#8 Try an Indoor Gymnastics Gym or Ninja Warrior Course


If you and your partner are both very athletic, this may be the perfect way to spend the evening while also bringing out each other’s competitive side. Indoor gymnastics gyms, trampoline parks, or ninja warrior courses are a fun and playful way to enjoy each other’s company while also testing your strength, balance, and coordination. You’ll also burn a ton of calories in the process!


#9 Explore a Neighboring City


Exploring your local city can be an exciting way to spend an afternoon and evening (depending on how long you’re out). If you’re already familiar with all the ins and outs of your city, then venture over to the next downtown area and walk around, visit a new neighborhood, or check out a historical landmark that you didn’t realize was there.


This can be an exciting way to turn a date night (or day) into a true adventure all the while growing closer as a couple making lasting memories.


#10 Volunteer


Volunteering at a local non-profit or charity can be a great way to do something special with your date and help areas of your community. While you might not expect it, helping others can be incredibly rewarding and help you to bond closer with your significant other.


Food banks, animal shelters, nearby state and national parks, or local community centers are all great way to lend a helping hand while spending time with your partner.




Date night is one of the many ways to develop and maintain a romantic relationship. There’s nothing wrong with going to dinner and a movie, but it’s not the only way to do date night.


Try one of these 10 healthy date night ideas that support weight loss and see how much fun and enjoyment you can have while still sticking to your health and fitness goals!


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