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Male Transformation - John Turner

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant John Turner @jkwturner on a fantastic transformation!


This is his story


“When 2021 began I declared that I would shift my mindset and break out of a world of scarcity into a world of abundance! I will have an abundance of love, generosity, compassion, finances, strength, and anything that I choose to believe in. My trainer at the time Fernanda Almedia planted a seed in my brain in early January that I should join the 1UP fitness community and participate in the 1UP Transformation Challenge. I originally politely brushed off her 1UP intro, but I realized that if I was to achieve what I declared I would need a team of creatives who are….. 

1. Experts in fitness that I can trust. 

2. Can support me in implementing, structuring, and executing my thoughts into beliefs, to execution, to results.

3. A team that treats me as a champion who will fight with me and for me.

4. A team who will push me in blind spots.


During the challenge I needed a team who supported me in all of these areas. Having a team allowed me to become creative in my beliefs, my diet, my workouts, my confidence, and supported me through 2 weeks of covid during the challenge. Having a team supporting me through this challenge allowed me to transform not only my body, but also my mind.


My advice for anyone who may want to participate would be... 1. Be Open to new opportunities. 2. Believe in yourself/goals 3. Commit to yourself and goals 4. Go ahead and get after it! 5. Keep building an awesome team around you!”


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