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Ambassador Amanda Snyder

“ Honestly I’ve always been athletic; I grew up playing soccer, dancing and just enjoying exercise! But I never felt comfortable in a gym or in the weight room. I first became interested in weight training when I injured my lower back and could barely walk... literally. I had such bad sciatica that I was often hunched over and in severe pain. I hired a personal trainer and learned so much about strengthening my muscles that eventually my back pain went away! I was so inspired because I not only felt a million times better but I was starting to SEE incredible results physically. At the time I had also suffered from severe sugar addiction and binge eating.

My health and fitness journey has transformed my life. I am now a certified personal trainer and mindset coach. I help others develop healthy habits and a healthy mindset around health and fitness. In order to maintain and sustain a healthy life you have to build habits and find what works for YOU! And what works for one person, might be different for another. For example, I’m vegan! I’ve never really felt like I fit in completely with the fitness industry because there are so many extremes and what seems like a drive to be perfect (perfect physique, abs, no days off etc). I ESPECIALLY didn’t feel like I fit in because I am a vegan and body builders put such a huge emphasis on animal protein. 1Up Nutrition has created a fitness space safe for Vegans! Not only do they have vegan supplements... but it’s actually the highest quality and best I’ve ever tasted (not exaggerating at all).

All I can say is, if you’re just starting out, KEEP GOING. The results won’t come right away or how you expect them to come. But they WILL come. Find a routine that works for you. Find healthy foods that you LIKE! Find someone to keep you accountable and KEEP pushing. You got this “


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