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The Secret to Losing Weight Faster:  Why Intermittent Fasting Works

Throughout your journey to shed pounds, you may have encountered a variety of methods to find results.  Needless to say, some may have worked better than others.  Now there is a rather unconventional way to lose weight faster---and that’s by intermittent fasting.  Here’s how it works:

The 16:8 Strategy

One way to incorporating Intermediate Fasting is by using the 16:8 strategy.  This technique calls for 16 hours of fasting, and 8 hours of an eating window.  You simply resist from eating after dinner, and skip breakfast before you begin eating at noon the following day. 

Though this can be a difficult task at first, most individuals aren’t big breakfast eaters anyway.  With the 16:8 fasting strategy, you can consume BCAAs (Branched Chained Amino Acids), coffee, and water---which can help curve your appetite.  During your eating window, nutritious foods should be consumed, as this will help reduce weight in a healthy way.

By eating your last meal around 8pm, you should be able to meet your 16 hours of fasting.  You can limit yourself to an 8 hour eating period in which you will consume 3 meals.  This is the basic premise of the 16:8 strategy---one of the most prominent forms of intermediate fasting.

From bodybuilders to everyday individuals trying to lose weight, the 16:8 plan can be used by just about anyone.  If you struggle to follow structured diets, the intermediate plan could be right for you.  You won’t have to cut the foods you normally eat, but instead rely on a fasting diet to keep you lean and trim.

There you have it---the keys to intermediate fasting.  Though there are many methods to losing weight, this strategy allows you to shed pounds quickly.  If you are ready for a change-of-pace diet, intermediate fasting could be your answer.  Are you ready to lose weight faster? For support and faster recovery check out 1 UP Nutrition 4 in 1 BCAA product.