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Obesity is a norm these days in the United States. The culprits have been bad eating habits and a lazy lifestyle. In a time where you can do almost anything without moving a muscle (shopping, games, school, work), it seems logical that people are not burning the same number of calories daily from everyday life as they used to.


Recently, however, researchers have found that a huge issue and new culprit is on the rise when it comes to obesity and one’s ability to lose weight. These issues have been found in the bowels of people. The hidden players are tons of microbes.

These microbes, or bacteria, have been found to alter the way we store and hold on to fat, how we balance our sugar levels, and our natural response to hormones that tell us we are hungry or full. If you possess the wrong set of w, it seems you could be on a crash course to having many health issues that stem from obesity and diabetes, even from birth.


These microbes however can be fought. Foods that contain fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics can help with gut health in immense ways. Fiber of course will help regulate the speed in which food moves through your gut, which contributes to staying regular. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms found in certain foods. They are seen as the “good” microbes that fight the bad ones that are in the foods we eat or seem to get stronger while we are ill. Prebiotics are food for the probiotics. They provide back up and sustainability for the probiotics which keeps them effective and strong against the bad microbes.


More good news is that you can consume all 3 of these bad microbe butt-kicking components in whole foods such as produce, grains, and dairy products. Also, whole foods will help in overall digestion and good health anyways, so it’s a win-win.

So, if you notice an inability to lose weight or fat, maybe you need a gut check, literally. Evaluate your diet, see how much whole foods you are consuming compared to processed foods. Regardless, you will be doing your body a favor by cleaning up what you eat daily, and you should start feeling better inside and outside of the gym.


Nutrition is vital, so vital. Once that is grasped and realized, you will look and feel the best you have felt in your life physically.