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How to Transform your Physique with Carb Cycling Diet

You may have been trying to lose weight with the right combination of nutrition and exercise, but to no avail.   With so many diets today, it’s hard to find one that actually works.  Whether you are an avid bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or a person trying to lose weight for a special event, carb cycling can help you shed the pounds.

This diet is one of the most effective ways one can lose weight and build muscle.  Carb cycling occurs when you cycle carbohydrates throughout the week. For instance, certain days, you’ll eat more carbohydrates, and other days, you’ll eat less carbs.  This, of course, means you must consume carbohydrates that aren’t processed. 

For example, on high-carb days, you can have foods such as brown rice or sweet potatoes (complex carbs are important here). On the low-carbohydrate days, portions of veggies, eggs, and grilled chicken can do the trick.  Depending on your goals, you’ll need to adjust the high- to- low-carb mix throughout the week.  For instance, if you are trying to gain more muscle mass, having four to five high-carb days may be ideal.  In contrast, if you are trying to shed the pounds, one to two days should be enough.

Historically, bodybuilders and athletes have used the carb cycling method, now everyday individuals have taken part in it.  There are many reasons why the cycling works, but the ability to speed up your metabolism could be the key element to help you burn fat while building muscle. 

In addition, carb cycling improves post-workout muscle recovery and provides you with more energy for better performance.  By alternating your low and high carb intake daily, you’ll shed body fat while building muscle, thus helping manage your weight for the long haul. 

Most other diets limit calories and carbs.  You won’t feel lethargic or have low energy, as a carb cycling diet allows you to eat a variety of carbohydrates such as veggies, grains, potatoes, and fruit to make healthy eating a lifestyle without being deprived.

There are different ways you can structure your carb cycling.  You may choose consecutive low and high carbohydrate days, or you can alternate every day.  Depending on your goals, age, and gender, the amount of low and high-carb days varies.  For instance, a range of 200 to 300 grams of carbohydrates on a high day is typical, and around 100-150 grams of carbs is normal for a low day.

Since men are usually more active and heavier, they will be on the high end of this carb scale compared to women.  Furthermore, the protein intake should be around the same everyday, which also depends on your goals and body frame. 

As you can see, carb cycling can be effective in helping you lose weight and build muscle.  If you are ready to take a chance on this revolutionary diet, then start carb cycling today.  After all, aren’t you ready to transform your physique?

Below are a couple of examples of a Carb Cycle Week: